branding & illustration ● 2021

To really live up to the cafe's reputation, this brand needed to scream Portland and eerie authenticity, but it also needed to be translatable to the digital world, as they've suffered from a lack of social media during the pandemic.

Its current brand consists of just a few hand-written signs and menus but has become a much-loved spot for musicians and coffee drinkers alike.

My new logo depicts the cafe's namesake, Russian composer Rimsky Korsakov, wearing the Victorian house dormer that sits atop the cafe. Rimsky's signature is integrated as well, with emblematic features that mimic Russian design elements during Rimsky Korsakov's time.

Rimsky Napkin.png

Rimsky-Kosakoffee House is a classical music-themed ice cream and coffee cafe in an unmarked (haunted?) Victorian house in Portland, Oregon. I created a cohesive brand identity, a variety of deliverables, a brand guide, and a pitch deck to bring the midnight cafe to life.

Layer 83.jpg